Friday, April 24, 2020

Desk Drawer Slide Upgrade

With the Covid-19 stay at home in full swing, I've been tackling all kinds of home projects. Some new, and some lingering. This is one of those projects was to change the cheap drawer slides that came in the desk for full extension slides.

Cheap drawer slides don't allow access to the full box of the drawer when it's opened as the drawer won't fully extend. This is the reason to change them and install the full extension slides. They allow the drawer to slide out far enough to give access to the back of the drawer. Luckily, most drawer slides (cheap or better) are 1/2" thick, meaning that they're interchangeable. This is a relatively easy project to tackle. Start to finish it only took me about an hour.

When I bought the drawer slides, I wasn't sure exactly how they'd have to be installed. I've installed them in cabinets when there wasn't an easy to attach them, so I got these brackets that slide onto the back of the slide and give a rear anchor point for the drawer slide.

Seen in the top left of the picture above, the bracket slides over the back of the drawer slide and provides an anchor point in the rear of the cabinet (with the expectation being that you mount the front of the slide to the face frame of the cabinet or some other DIY bracket solution on the front). 

I lucked out with the installation in that the existing brackets (seen on the lower drawer slide) lined up with installation holes in the new slides. It was a simple as removing the old ones and screwing in the new ones.

With the outer half of the drawer slides installed, I needed to install the half that attaches to the drawers.

After removing the old drawer slide pieces, I had to determine where to drill the holes to screw the new ones in. Measuring twice never seems to be enough times when I work, but I somehow was able to get the measurements right on the first time.

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